France – Nice


Lets get something out of the way first and foremost. Yes Nice is nice.

Staying in Nice for a little while, we were able to hire a lovely small apartment off a man named Christophe.  Christophe was amazing, not only did he pick us up from where the bus dropped us off in Nice, show us where things were in Nice worth visiting, where to get the tram from and shop at the local market, but provide us with complimentary oranges for fresh daily juice and a bottle of rose.

We met up with Team Rosecovio for dinner as we both were heading the same direction from Barcelona. Nice was going to be the last place to hang out together. Dinner consisted of the ‘Nice happy meal’ (mussels and French fries) for Rose and I, Sarahs and Jonos I cant remember because I had tunnel vision.

Beach times consisted of plenty of beach beers with Jono, freshly cut oranges, watching aeroplanes land at Nice airport and a lot of topless bathing (and creeps, creepin).

The beach in Nice are pebble beaches, so a matt and towel are required. Everyone…even the pretty people struggle to get in and out of the water. It is funny to watch, but hurts like hell when you stumble and hurt some toes.

Team DeWood and Team Rosecovio parted ways in Nice, thanks for letting us tag along on a part of your European adventure Team Rosecovio, we had a blast!!!

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