Italy – Devia Marina


Into Italy we went and our first stop was a small beachside town called Devia Marina. Camping for a week, this small town was a perfect hop step and jump to some of the best beachside towns in Italy.

Devia Marina was a special place to Sarah and I as we love camping, and love small towns with friendly locals. The staff at Valdeiva Camping ground were excellent, friendly and welcoming to us weary travellers. The camping ground offered a half hourly bus shuttle to the beach, train station and town centre which was extremely handy.

The town itself boasted some excellent pizzerias (our favourite was Il Corsaro), a couple of competing bakeries, a small supermarket, a few cafes and other small shops. It felt very much like a camping holiday beachside town made for local travellers. It made us realise that we are going to miss our usual after Christmas pilgrimage to Mallacoota.

We used this time to explore areas up and down the train line such as, the Cinque Terre towns and Portofino region. Wow, Italy’s northern coastline is amazing. A usual routine Sarah and I had was buying a couple of pizzas for dinner, a cheap bottle of wine and then sitting beachside for dinner. Devia Marina was a great place to relax, explore and live day to day.

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