Italy – Florence


Florence or more correctly known Firenze, is the capital city of Tuscany. Florence is famous for its history and birthplace of the Renaissance. Sitting high on a hillside we found our camping ground (Camping Michelangelo) which overlooked the beautiful city of Florence and the river Arno.

A short walk into town, our camp site was idealistically located. Walking the streets of florence you immediately notice the types of retail shops on offer. Although they have the typical fashion retail stores, we noticed…or Sarah…the abundance of ice cream/gelati stores. Around every corner there was another one. Did anyone eat anything other gelato? Seriously do not take your kids to Florence! I had to repeatedly say no to Sarah who turned to me every time she saw a gelato store.

On the cultural side, the reason why you go to Florence, it has a huge amount of galleries and museums. Most noticeably Florence is the home to Michelangelo’s David sculpture. Although Sarah and I would have loved to have seen this, the Euro costs were too much for what was on offer. We had felt like we had seen David already, since in celebration of this great sculpture, the people of Florence had embraced and heavily exploited his image on all souvenirs and street sculptures. Seriously we saw 3 other replica David sculptures in the streets of Florence. We had a great time visiting Florence but we felt the true beauty of this area lay outside the city of Florence.

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