Italy – Siena


After a few unbearably hot days in the Florence we decided it was time to escape for some day trips. We visited the beautiful medieval city of Siena. We throughly enjoyed our time in Siena, walking through the medieval streets, visiting community terrance gardens and enjoying the delicious food.

The city of Sienna has cute long winding streets, the main streets all winding to a central located medieval square. Host to Palio di Siena festival, where all the contrades (city wards) of Sienna battle out on horse back and sand laid streets for the ultimate glory. Held twice a year this event draws huge numbers of people to the region making it a celebration not to be missed….unfortunately we were there at the wrong time of the year, so we could only stand in the square and imagine such an event.

We had read on a few travel blogs, that the best food to purchase in the area was from a man named Gino Cacino. Gino Cacino’s delicatessen located directly behind the main square, Gino’s was definitely the place to hit up for a feed. Providing a deli with mouthwatering hams, salamis, cheeses, and anti pesto goodenesses, we could get a freshly made roll or sandwich wrapped in paper and served on paper. The hospitality of Gino was amazing, and definitely was a highlight of our Sienna visit. Recommending a nut fruit desert to our lunch, Gino slightly warmed the slices to a deliciously gorgeous melting point. Mouth watering goodness! Of course Tim took a liking to Gino, anyone who serves delicious sandwiches, beer and desert easily finds a place in Tim’s heart.

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