Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan

1.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan

After heavy showers of rain we woke dry, warm and comfy in our tent ready for more adventures in the Highlands. Setting for our target on Isle of Skye we departed in our little Toyota.

Our breakfast stop was in the idyllic little Plockton with their perfect cottages lining their perfect bay. Crossing into the Isle of Skye we were rewarded to amazing scenery of towering mountains and gleaming lochs. Making our way to the top of the island at Uig the good old Scotish rain bellowed in.

Stopping at Quiraing while the rain came down, we knew to wait the rain out. Thirty minutes later the sun was out, and after a quick hot meal made on our little portable camping stove, we headed for the summit.

Please not: In this hike I took probably the best art directed photo of Sarah during out travels. Look at photo 11 below.

Anyway, this spectacular Quiraing hike gives a classic hill-walk. This circuit heads out along the base of the escarpment and returns along the top. Sounds easy right? Apparently if you haven’t printed off instructions on where to go, it actually is quiet hard to find the route to the very top. Along with several other groups out for a days hike, we couldn’t find the area where you make your climb to the top of the table. It seems like it would have been quite simple so it was very frustrating indeed, especially when you come across another hiker with a printed copy of the instructions and he doesn’t share the ‘knowledge’. Not a real hiker in my books, real hikers help each other.  Lets not discuss what I think of him. Here is the instructions he had to get to the top…I think. Instructions.

After returning to the car, we headed for Dunvegan. Stopping at the famous Kilt Rock, a sea cliff said to resemble a kilt, with vertical basalt columns to form the pleats and intruded sills of dolerite forming the pattern. Lives have been lost here due to carelessness and strong winds, so it was pretty well fenced off.

Arriving at Kinloch camp site in Dunvegan, we were greeted by the very welcoming owner who sorted us out with a space to camp for the night. The setting was stunning, the town was perfectly quaint and the beach smelt of rotting kelp.

2.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 3.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 4.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 5.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan6.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 7.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 8.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 9.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan10.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 11.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 12.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 13.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan14.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 15.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 16.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 17.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan18.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 19.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 20.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 21.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan22.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 23.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 24.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 25.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan26.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 27.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 28.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan 29.Scotland – Ben Nevis to Dunvegan

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  1. Sarah Tim – hope you both are having a wonderful time. Love from uncle Paul, Morgan & Cameron xx


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