Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell

1.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell

Leaving Dunvegan for Dundonnell, we enjoyed travelling through the highlands and little villages. Taking a short detour off the main road we focused on the little castle ruin of Strome Castle. Strome Castle is a ruined castle on the shore of Loch Carron in Stromemore, 3.5 miles south-west of the village of Lochcarron. Continuing on throughout the amazing scenery we stumbled across a beautiful walking area Beinne Eighe. The Woodland Trail gives you the  opportunity to enjoy the magnificent Caledonian pinewoods that led Beinn Eighe to be designated as Britain’s first National Nature Reserve. Not only was it our place to stop for a hot meal, again cooked on our travel camping cooker, but the walks had self guided handbooks that we could follow to numbered points along the trail. Sarah being Sarah, took the opportunity to take me on a de Man self guided tour around Beinne Eighe Woodland Trail. Back on the road, after driving many hours, we veered off the main road and headed down a eight mile track into a glen, to stop for the night at Badrallach Camping Site. When we arrived in true Scottish style the horizontal rain and gusty winds made putting up the tent a little challenging, but just was we sorted the last peg the sky cleared, the sun shone through and the most beautiful rainbow appeared. Another night spent in a truly beautiful location. 2.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell3.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell4.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell5.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell6.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell7.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell8.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell9.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell10.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell11.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell12.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell13.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell14.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell15.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell16.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell17.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell18.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell19.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell20.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell21.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell22.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell23.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell24.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell25.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell26.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell27.Scotland – Dunvegan to Dundonnell

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