Sri Lanka – Negombo

1. Sri Lanka – Negombo-fish-nets

We arrived at Colombo Airport after an overnight 11hr flight from London and we were tired! Expecting the usual hordes of baggage handlers and taxi drivers clambering over us we were pleasently surprised at how friendly people were and how easy it was to negotiate our fare to Negombo.

As Colombo airport is not located near Colombo we decided to stay at a near by beach (Negombo) to get our bearings and decide which direction we would head. Negombo as a beach destination is not flash and the waters are virtually un-swimmable, but it made for a great first night as we got some great advise on places from fellow travellers.

We visited the old dutch fort, canals and fish market ending our day with a picturesque sunset watching local fisherman bringing in the last catches of the day.

Setting out early the next day we thought the smart way to travel to Kandy was via the popular train. Taking the bus from Negombo to Colombo (30km) we arrived 2hrs later to a chaotic train reservation room. All trains leaving Colombo were booked out for the next 2weeks, having our heart set on a train we took up the offer on the last seats in the Raj deluxe carriage at a very handsome sum. We set off hours later to what is promised to be a highlight of anyones Sri Lankan trip, unfortunately the experience did not live up to expectations and was accompanied by the train breaking down mid way and everyone exiting the train to board another one without telling our carriage. In the end a few hours later another train passed and we pilled in to the doorway and resumed our trip. The trip was suppose to take 2hrs, ours took 12. We had a lot of fun in the end, but another long day of travelling we were wrecked and ready for bed!

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