Sri Lanka – Uppuveli


Leaving for Trincomalee with our awesome new friends and their children in their van, Sarah and I knew we were in for a treat. It felt like we were on a family day holiday. Visiting temples (we are sure no tourists go to) on the way to Trincomalee and Uppuveli, we were truly grateful for the chance to share the day with them. It was great fun!

Arriving at Uppuveli after leaving our friends in Trincomalee, we were thrilled to find a quiet place to stay called Under Water Safari. There was great people staying there, the food was delicious and huge and the beach water was refreshing. was another great beach to hang out at for a few days, somebodies got to do it.

2.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 3.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 4.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 5.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli6.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 7.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 8.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 9.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli10.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 11.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 12.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 13.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli14.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 15.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 16.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 17.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli18.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 19.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 20.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 21.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli22.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 23.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 24.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 25.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli26.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 27.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 28.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli 29.Sri-Lanka-Uppuveli

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  1. Simply amazing. The photo’s the places you’ve seen.
    I reckon you’ll have enough photo’s for a fishy calendar and hill scenery calendar and beach calendar etc etc for the next 10 years
    Keep enjoying great stuff.,


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