Myanmar – Bagan


Bagan, the land of thousands Pagodas! Bagan really impressed us. Hiring bikes for a couple of days, riding around and exploring the old pagodas was a real highlight. Sarah playing tour guide once more, lead me around this area with map in hand.

We took some high roads, we took some low roads, we took some rainy roads and we took some mud roads… but we had a awesome time! We ate some delicious food while in Bagan, a highlight was eating at ‘Be kind to animals’ which was a small restaurant family owned. We initially stopped there because of the great name, a returned back for the great family service and food. On our red rockets we cycled through green rice fields and along long roads. Stopping for a emergency t-shirt purchase, Sarahs ‘Remember to, I love Bagan’, we continued to climb and explore this wonderful area. And yes I even art directed some photographs.

2.Mynamar-Bagan-Cycle-Mr-Wood 3.Mynamar-Bagan-Cycle-Mr-Wood 4.Mynamar-Bagan-Shwezigon-Paya5.Mynamar-Bagan-Shwezigon-Paya 6.Mynamar-Bagan-Shwezigon-Paya 7.Mynamar-Bagan-Cycle-Rain-Shelter8.Mynamar-Bagan-Rain-Shelter 9.Mynamar-Bagan-Mr-Wood-Napping 10.Mynamar-Bagan-Lunch-Break11.Mynamar-Bagan-Lunch-Break 12.Mynamar-Bagan-Cycle-Mr&Mrs-Wood 13.Mynamar-Bagan-Remember-To-I-Love-Bagan-Mrs-Wood13.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples 14.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples 15.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples16.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples-Mr-Wood 17.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples 18.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples19.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples-Mr&Mrs-Wood 20.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples 21.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples22.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples 23.Mynamar-Bagan-Mr-Wood-Mud 24.Mynamar-Bagan-Crops25.Mynamar-Bagan-Temples 26.Mynamar-Bagan 27.Mynamar-Bagan-Cycling28.Mynamar-Bagan-Slow-Boat

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  1. Great to read about your exploits and the photo’s they are just amazing.
    Enjoy Nepal and the Tea Houses and stay safe.

    Love; the Dad (one dad)


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