Nepal – Annapurna Circuit Bhulbhule to Taleku


After arriving in the hectic city of Kathmandu we were quick to get our trekking permits and equipment sorted to begin our three week trekking adventure around the Annapurna ranges. Taking 7 hours (via the snail bus express) from Kathmandu to get to the trail head where we spent our first night at the ideal village of Bhulbhule. Bhulbhule is where we met over masala tea, the a random bunch of misfit travellers that joined us on this journey over the Himalayas, Jeepe, Remi, John, Matt, Phil and Ryan.

The next three weeks we trekked unassisted 300km, climbed over 5000m, visited the highest lake in the world, ate copious amounts of Dahl Baht, had 3 showers, wore one set of clothes, laughed until we cried various times, made some great friends and found true happiness in an amazing part of the world.

Some highlights that the boys provided where;

  • Phil – Eating 11 baked goods on arriving at a village with 7 german bakeries
  • Jeepe – Intimidating Hitler at Bob Marley
  • Remi – Always cleaning his clothes after a days hike, Remi seemed to always forget about them hanging up to find them frozen the next morning
  • John – Attempting a snow angle, to fail misserably
  • Matt – Tanning at altitude. “Suns out, guns out!”
  • Ryan – Always being mistaken for our ‘guide’, best guide ever!

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