The Wild Coast


The Wild Coast is where rolling hills met by patches of brilliant blue skye and seas, where hillsides were littered with sheep, goats, cows and pinpricks of traditional Xhosa mud huts. This is where we met rural Africa.

First Chinsta, to Buccaneers Backpackers which is an ultimate experience in itself . Days were spent lazying on the beach and pool, followed by volley ball and free wine. A sunset canoe was the perfect way to get our lazy bodies out and about.

wine-time mrs-wood mr-wood mr-mrs-wood beach

Although Buccaneers was brilliant, where we went next touched our hearts and was in star contrast to where we were the night before.

Bulungula located on the headland above Xhora River was the perfect place to escape and discover the small slice of African paradise. The road in was just the start of our Bulungula adventure. The place used of offer the first nights accommodation free to anyone that got there by themselves, just to give an idea of how remote this place was. The 50km of treacherous 4X4 tracks, navigated skilfully by chief and co pilot (Mr and Mrs Wood) in our little buzz box (Hyundai i10), took just under 3.5 hours. Bulungula is a 40% owned lodge by the Xhosa community. This jewel of a village gave us an invitation to experience and understand traditional rural life. Bulungula was truly a memorable experience and as many travellers found, an extremely hard place to leave.

Bulungula-cow Bulungula-way-in Bulungula-way-in-2 Bulungula-village4 Bulungula-village Bulungula-village-3 Bulungula-village-2 Bulungula-sunset Bulungula-sun-rise Bulungula-roof Bulungula-red-beard Bulungula-our-room Bulungula-our-room-3 Bulungula-mrs-wood Bulungula-landscape Bulungula-crab

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