Graskop to Johannesburg


Making our way from Swaziland to Mpumalanga, we passed the Kruger National Park and Nelspruit we made our way up the Drakensberg escapement visiting Blyde River Canon and various look out points. We really enjoyed the town Graskop which is dominated by bikie gangs and pancake restaurants.

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Staying 2 nights in Johannesburg we visited the cradle of humankind which has played a key role in our modern understanding of human evolution, with over 850 sites of hominid remains.

The interactive centre at Maropeng and cave tour at Sterkfontein Caves where a great to spend a informative day, learning about the evolution of the human race.

7.swaziland-landscape 09.cradle-of-human-kind-the-path-to-humanity 010.cradle-of-human-kind 011.cradle-of-human-kind-EARTH 012.cradle-of-human-kind-rock 013.cradle-of-human-kind-caves 014.cradle-of-human-kind-2 015.cradle-of-human-kind-3

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