Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag

0.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag

Inspired by our ride with Peter and Elly, Sarah and I were keen to do another. While visiting Rotterdam for a few days, we were lucky enough to hire a couple of orange (the national colour) bikes and ride 56kms return to Den Haag.

The ride was surprisingly easy, although we still had to get our saddle bum in form. Riding through the country side to our first stop Delft. Delft is primarily known for its historic town centre with canals, also for the painter Vermeer, Delft Blue pottery (Delftware). A funny highlight of Delft was while making our breakfast beside a canal in the centre of town saw a curious duck try and chew one of Sarah’s toes off, only then to storm off in a huff because he failed.

Riding on we finally made it to Den Haag, and the Northern beach of Scheveningen. The word Scheveningen was used during World War II to distinguish between native Dutch and German speakers, as the Germans couldn’t quite get their tongue around it. This certain day was the first hot day ‘the breaking of winter’ that the locals had been waiting for. What we saw was that the entire population of the Netherlands had relocated to the beach. It was jammers!

Overall we had a great time riding to Deng Haag, Delft, Scheveningen and then back to Rotterdam, our orange Dutch machines made it all the way and our legs didn’t fail us.

1.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag2.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag5.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag4.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag3.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag6.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag8.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag7.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag9.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag11.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag13.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag12.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag14.Netherlands – Rotterdam to Den Haag

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  1. Ah yes “Scheveningen” I can remember as a small boy your Opa de Man would have Roland, Paul, Lex and I repeat Scheveningen, Scheveningen until we got close enough to being little Dutch boys growing up in the land of Oz.
    I also seem to remember that Delft has a museum with a self portrait made by a Roloff de Man in the 1800′s which looks just like Uncle Rol, mm! scary thought, genes, you can’t run away from them?


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