Scotland – Edinburgh to Kinclochleven

1. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven-Caolasnacon

Scotland is a connoisseurs delight an intoxicating blend of stunning scenery and sophisticated cities, of stalk tangled sea air and dark peaty waters, of outdoor adventure and deep history. (Neil Wilson, Lonely Planet).

Misty mountains, wild coastlines and amazing hiking are the payoff for so many days of horizontal rain, it is simply magical. Outdoors is the place to be whatever the weather, there is nothing like comparing windburn or mud tuned boots over pub. The landscape leads itself to activity, from woodland strolls to thrilling munro bagging.

Heading off from Edinburgh we made our way to Stirling. Stirling is a beautifully preserved Old town it’s a treasure trove of novel building and cobbled streets winding up to the remnants of its dominants castle. They say hold Stirling Castle and you control Scotland. Clearly visible is the brooding Wallace Monument, which was our next stop in town. We were luckily enough to be at the Wallace monument to hear the true “braveheart” story of William Wallace and the Battle of Stirling Bridge. After Stirling we made our way through the country side, along side lochs to Kinlochleven.

Kinlochleven is hemmed in by high mountain at the head of beautiful Loch Leven. Caolasnacon camping ground has a epic setting shrouded by mountains, set on the shores of an ice-blue loch. a glorious scene, a place of pure tranquility that was only slightly hindered by the horizontal rain and warrior midges. Being short on food and cooking facilities we headed into town to chow on the local delicacy fish and chips.

2. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven3. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven4. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven6. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven5. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven7. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven8. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven-battle-bridge9. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven-battle-bridge10. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven-william-wallace-monument11. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven-william-wallace-monument12. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven-william-wallace-monument13. Scotland – Stirling to Kinlochleven-Caolasnacon

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