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We always had talked, planned, dreamt, talked, dreamt, planned and dreamt of long term travel. Quitting ones job, grabbing a small pack, filled with only basic life essentials to travel the world, sounds simple doesn’t it…

So we rented out our apartment in Melbourne, Australia. We quit our chosen professions and careers as a  Environmental Engineer and Brand Designer, packed all our necessities into 40litre packs, redirected all our mail and packed all our household possessions at our parents houses in the spare bedrooms (in some instances to the ceiling).

This visual journal is proof of us actioning our dream and we hope it inspires you to do the same.

Tim & Sarah

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  1. Hi Timand Sarah! Have enjoyed looking at all your wedding and honeymoon photos. They are beautiful! Would love to see some of your African snaps and read about your adventures. Hope all is going well and you are having amazing experiences..
    Take care


  2. Great photos wonderfully memories. Have fun stay safe.
    PS life throws up surprises when you least expect it like seeing Tim’s mum riding my bike across the Muarry at Echuca.


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